Critical Event Management Services

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Plan, train and prepare.

We provide the following Pre | Critical Event services:

Advise on the drafting of safe systems of work and governance systems including policies and procedures. 

Providing guidance on establishment of internal critical event management teams including structure, communication systems and training and education programs; with optional support to provide surge capacity.  

Work with the organisations existing internal and external advisors to build a combined and comprehensive critical event strategy that dovetails into the overall business continuity plan and risk management systems. 

Direction on the creation or modification of data infrastructures and reporting to monitor and feedback reliable information to the senior management team. 

Providing the senior management team and stakeholders with regular testing and review of its critical event management strategy and response to ensure effective and efficient, up to date systems are maintained to meet emerging threats to the organisation. 

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Support, response and

We provide the following Live | Critical Event services:

Establish a combined response team comprising of the organisations internal critical event management team and external specialists in financial, legal, regulatory and public relations as required to provide a coordinated and cohesive response.

Comprehensively gather information in a timely manner to create a communication platform to inform identified relevant internal and external stakeholders.

Providing a comprehensive on the ground operational and tactical response to assist in the coordination and delivery of resolutions. Delivering live incident critical event management from a proven team to ensure a safe and effective response, maintaining and building a client’s reputation.
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Gather, analysis and rethink.

We provide the following Post | Critical Event services:

De-brief, gather and collate event information, analysis of events and the provision of a detailed review for the organisation’s senior management team.

Research and review changes in legislation, regulations and guidance for the sector.

Review and update critical event plans, policies, systems and procedures with the findings of sector lessons identified.

Work with internal and external advisors on the organisation’s recovery plan and revised business continuity management.

Providing ongoing support for the organisation on potential legal, regulatory and insurance matters.